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What do Interior Designers Use SketchUp for?


3D Visuals

Presenting your designs in 3D is the #1 reason designers choose SketchUp. It not only helps you as a designer work through design problems and get ready for documentation, but it also helps your client understand the plan, moving the project forward faster.

2D Documentation

Floor plans and elevations can be drawn in SketchUp and presented in 2D or pulled from a 3D model using Section Planes. Gathering 2D information from a 3D model helps a drawing display much more detail than would otherwise be possible with 2D only.

Material and Mood Boards

LayOut allows you to easily compose SketchUp views, renderings, material images, or anything else you'd like to present. The best part? As your design progresses, changes are reflected throughout your SketchUp views.

Lighting & Electrical Plans

Once a model is drawn in SketchUp, lighting and electrical symbols can be added from a custom scrapbook in LayOut. You can find the custom scrapbook in the Lighting and Electrical Plans in LayOut course.

Kitchen Design & Development

Kitchens are notoriously difficult to imagine with floor plans alone. SketchUp enables you to design a custom kitchen, solve problems, sell it to your client, then prepare for installation. 

Learn how to draw a kitchen in SketchUp!

Drawing on the Go

SketchUp for iPad is the perfect tool for mobile interior design drawings. Utilize Trimble Connect to pass files back and forth between your desktop and iPad for quick notes, AR capabilities, massing, presenting to clients, and much more!

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