3D Warehouse and Interior Design – Webinar

The Guz, more formally known as Steve Guzman, has been with SketchUp for nearly four years. He started out in SketchUp support and, after a couple of years, moved into his current role as 3D Warehouse Content Program Manager. His favorite thing about working at SketchUp is meeting the SketchUp users and industry folks (hope to see you at 3D Basecamp 2022!)

Guz lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two kids and enjoys hiking and camping on the weekends.

Be sure to check out our Q & A as well as the recording of our webinar above. Thanks Guz!

What is your role at SketchUp?

I'm the Content Program Manager, which means I work to help content developers publish their work on 3D Warehouse and encourage building product manufacturers to make sure their products are represented to make life easier for our architects and designers.

What are some new/recently released features in 3D Warehouse?

Well, if you've had the chance to visit 3D Warehouse in 2021, you've likely run into model cards with a little lightning bolt badge on them. That badge indicates that these are Live Components or, more technically, Parametrically Configurable Models. That just means you can easily adjust these models to fit your needs before you download them.

We are currently working to finalize our Brands page, which makes it easier for you to spot brands love and quickly find their product models.

AND we've got lots of new developments in store for you in the year ahead... New ways to find models, new ways to find view models, and just an overall new experience in the works. So, stay tuned to 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com and watch it all unfold.

Who are some of your favorite contrinutors to 3D Warehouse?

Jenny Selden - A prolific contributor to 3D Warehouse with hundreds of very clean and lightweight models, great for space planning and design concepting.
If you need lighting ideas, Helen CHF has tons of them. Some of them can be a little heavy (meaning large file sizes with lots of complexity), so before you add hundreds of them to your next hotel design be sure to check the size first.
The Ghana also has lots and lots of useful furniture pieces and entourage items to liven up your designs.
Frédéric TABARY (Looks like he may be working on an extension called Découvrez Up [Deh-Cuh-VREY] or "discover" which sounds exciting) has an amazing collection of furniture, textiles, and materials.

One feature to remember about 3D Warehouse are Collections. These are curated collections from other designers. If you do an open search and then select collections and sort by popularity you'll see some great collections that you can bookmark for later.

We're also getting more and more product models in 3D Warehouse. We have some great examples from GE Appliance (including Monogram, Cafe, GE Profile) as well as excellent models from brands like Teka, Brizo, Behr Paint, and if you're in Brazil Black Home Design has over 2,000 really well-done furniture product models for you to explore.

Is there any information you can share about the direction of the 3D Warehouse?

Ahhh, the direction of 3D Warehouse. Well, I can't get into a lot of detail here… let's just say we are looking for better ways to make model discovery faster and more intuitive. There are some exciting new redesigns in the works and even ways for you, the designer, to give feedback to help improve the content available. We depend on YOUR feedback to help us design a better experience and if you'd like to participate in some of our user experience discussions feel free to shoot me an email and I'll make sure your name is on the list. LASTLY, don't forget to reach out to your favorite brands and ask them to include their product models in 3D Warehouse.

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