Designing the Treeline House // Behind the Scenes

In January I teamed up with SketchUp and Emmy nominated Production Designer Tommy Rouse to create a 3D model for a project called “The Treeline House”. It is a remodel for a family of four in the Lake Tahoe area, on a few acres with amazing mountain views. In the video, Tommy shows the palette he created for the kitchen, fireplace seating area, and patio. Then we sat down and talked about some of the final design challenges that we worked through in SketchUp. Be sure to scroll down for the final video.

Thank you to Tommy Rouse for joining me, Loveridge Photo and Film for heading up the recording and editing, Aubree Topai from the SketchUp team for entrusting this project to me and producing over FaceTime from Denver, and to Stephen from Heraldo Creative Studio for these behind the scenes photos. 

Filming this during a pandemic proved to be tricky as we looked for a space with plenty of air flow so that the masks could come down for a few hours as we filmed. We considered filming outside, but I’m so glad we landed on filming inside because it poured rain on the recording day.

Adam from Loveridge Film. Notice the pouring rain out the door...

We had no fun at all….

Aubree from the SketchUp team, helped produce the video from Denver. 

And the final product. I had so much fun working on this project and I can’t wait to take a spin around Lake Tahoe post-pandemic!

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