Keep your SketchUp Model Running Quickly

Does SketchUp lagging have you dragging? 

Below are a few tips on how to keep your model in tip-top shape and running quickly. 

SketchUp for Interior Designers - Exterior Office Redesign

➾ Put decor items/entourage onto their own Tag (formerly Layer) and turn it off as you work on the model. These items usually "weigh down" your model. I call my Tag “HighPoly.” Turn the Tag back on for presentation and documentation as needed.
➾ Use a free extension called "Material Resizer." High-resolution materials will make your file size quite large. This free extension is easy to use. (There is a lesson in the course library here for paid subscribers.)
➾ Use a (paid) extension called Skimp to simplify and lower the polygon count in objects.
➾ Periodically purge your model. Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused. 
➾ Use a fast style for modeling (green clock icon in Style thumbnails). 
➾ Turn off profiles. Window > Styles > Edit > Edges > Uncheck Profiles. 
➾ Only use shadows for presentation, not for active modeling. 
➾ Keep the file size of imported materials and images to a minimum. 

Lastly, keep a warm beverage on your desk. It won’t make your SketchUp model run more quickly, but it will make you happier, and that’s what we are going for, right? 

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