New Course! Kitchen Design Development

Learn how to draw a kitchen in SketchUp!

Kitchen Design Development

Level: Intermediate

I'm excited to announce the release of my latest course: Kitchen Design Development.

This course is about designing a kitchen in SketchUp*. It starts with planning and drawing a kitchen layout in 2D, then move to 3D to further develop the design. We will apply materials like paint, wood, and countertop textures. Then add details like appliances, lights, fixtures, and more.

Serving more learning styles:

I took a more holistic approach to this course. Not everyone learns best by simply watching a video and following along. So I've tackled each lesson to speak to all learning styles. Below each video, you will find written instructions and steps, and see images and GIFs that support the concepts in each lesson and chapter. 

I've also included a printable design pack with dimensions for the kitchen that we draw together throughout the class. This will reduce the times you need to rewind a video to hear me call out a measurement as you draw. 

Kitchen Design Development in SketchUp.

This course is now available to all SketchUp for Interior Designers members! If you aren't a member yet, you can grab a free 3-day membership trial.

*What this course is not: a course on kitchen design standards. My teaching focus is SketchUp, 3D modeling, and design documentation. 

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