Getting Started

In this beginner's SketchUp course I will cover the basics, from downloading SketchUp to using commands like line, rectangle, select and eraser. I will also include common frustrations, as well as some tips and tricks that will help you in your learning experience.



24 Lessons 


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Workflow Courses

Number of Lessons: 35  Difficulty: Easy

Number of Lessons: 42  Difficulty: Easy

Number of Lessons: 45  Difficulty: Intermediate

Lighting and Electrical Plans

21 lessons


In this course, you'll learn how to place lighting and electrical information over your SketchUp viewport in LayOut. We'll use both SketchUp Pro and LayOut as we cover the full workflow(s) and strategies involved in delivering clear and concise documents.

Master the Move Tool

1 lessons


This short demo will show you how to position a pendant or chandelier by changing your camera views.

7 lessons


This short course will help you practice using the Move tool by putting together a puzzle. It's the perfect activity when you are short on time but want to get some SketchUp practice.

Supplemental Lessons

Not started

21 Lessons  I  Intermediate

Not started

1 Lessons  I  None

Not started

9 Lessons  I  Intermediate

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*At this time only lessons and courses about workflows and functions native to SketchUp can be requested. Lessons and courses about 3rd party extensions are forthcoming in later stages of site development.
Not all course requests can be fulfilled dependent on the content. 

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