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Michelle Franzoia

Oakland, CA

"You seriously have a gift for teaching. You are a household name here because I've been raving about you for weeks. Your courses are so easy to follow and the bit-sized chunks are not only digestible but so easy to go back to when you need something specific. And don't get me started on the course notes. It's next level and I wish all online courses approached it the way you do."

Merccy McInerney

The Space Project, Australia

"Thank you for the amazing job that you are doing sharing your knowledge with other interior designers. Your course helped me so much in my interior design course, and I was able to produce professional floor plans without the need to use AutoCAD."



3 - day free trial & billed $49 on a monthly basis.

  • Office hours to ask me anything
  • Members-only webinars
  • Portfolio building exercises
  • Total library access



3 - day free trial & get 1 month free when billed on annual basis.

  • Office hours to ask me anything
  • Members-only webinars
  • Portfolio building exercises
  • Total library access
  • 1 month free

Annette Wright

OD Interiors, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

"Tammy is truly an amazing, skilled and knowledgeable SketchUp instructor. Even though I came to her as a seasoned user, I learned so many new things from her amazing courses and one on one training. No matter what level you are, you will definitely learn the right way to use SU and benefit from her training."

Beth Pilar Strongwater

Studio Strongwater, Louiseville, CO

"Tammy is one of those rare combinations of a highly skilled practitioner and an exceptional teacher. Her knowledge of and facility using SketchUp is impressive. She agilely and diligently works to explore and then impart upon us designers SketchUp’s functions and application. But it is her teaching skills which include precise, clear and kind communication that belies both an enormous patience and comprehension of this software. I was literally lost in the design software jungle until I found Tammy."

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