SketchUp’s New Tag Tool

Have you tried SketchUp’s new Tag 🏷 tool?

⭐️ Choose a listed Tag⁣
⭐️ Click the 🏷 icon⁣
⭐️ Click the object you’d like to assign to that Tag.⁣

❓What are Tags? They help us control the visibility of entities in our SketchUp model. It’s helpful for:

✨Showing a client different options. 
✨Momentarily “hiding” something.
✨Help our model run more quickly when objects are weighing down the performance. ⁣

⁣A few more tips:⁣
💥 It’s a good idea to only Tag Groups and Components for good model organization (instead of individual faces and edges.) ⁣
💥 Leave the active Tag as Untagged. Meaning…don’t move the pencil. (Unless you are being very intentional about the purpose of moving it.) 

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